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Deck Craftsmanship

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Details Tell the Real Story

There is a saying in the window industry – “A window is only as good as the installer”

I believe that applies to deck building also. As a deck building company, we like to believe that our decks are “only as good as the builder,” and with our exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials, and superior results, we offer the best built decks.

Here are a few of our detailed installation techniques.

As a top rated deck builder company, we recommend every deck be built with a Single picture frame border, The border acts as a drip edge for the decking, and covers the framing / fascia gap. This is a nice design feature, but it’s main function; is to prevent “rot”, “oil canning” and debris build up in the framing / fascia gap. Another one of our features is a triple stack fascia that covers all the horizontal framing, adds more depth to the deck rim, and gives a decorative stack trim or crown molding look.

Notice in the first picture below (grey deck) where there is no picture frame border, and you have oil canning of the fascia board. In the next two pictures you can see a cedar deck that didn’t have a picture frame border, and you can see how the fascia board cap of the rim joist creates an area where water and debris can build up.

Now below you can see how the picture frame border covers the fascia/frame gap. This also allows water to run through on the inside of the picture frame border, unlike the decks above there is not a joist directly underneath where the water and debris will fall through. The last function of the picture frame border is that it covers the cut ends of the decking which is kind of like a bull-nose in tile work.

In the first picture below you can see we just finished installing the decking and picture frame border, notice how the border is hung way over the rim joist. In the next two pictures you can see how the picture frame border covers over the triple stack fascia protecting the fascia/framing gap. This is an important detail in proper deck construction techniques that any deck builder company should utilize!

Deck Recovers Done Right

First off my definition of a deck re-cover is saving the existing deck frame and replacing only the decking & railings. The key point in considering a deck re-cover is how much longer are you expecting the existing framing to last ? If you re-covering with a synthetic product like Trex or one of the other synthetic manufactures on the market keep in mind they have lifespans of over 25 years. So if you already have a 25 year old deck that you are updating will the old frame last another 25 years ?

Treated wood framing usually will last 25-30 years and maybe 40-50 years depending upon site conditions and craftsmanship of the original deck. There are always exceptions, but this is a good rule of thumb. So having a the deck thoroughly inspected to make sure the framing will hold up to the standard of the materials you are re-covering is another key to doing a deck re-cover right !

What You Get with Our Deck Re-covers

We flash the tops of every joist with a peal and stick deck flashing membrane, which will cover all the old decking fastener holes and add extra lifespan to the old deck frame.

We also replace any hardware on the deck like hangers or carriage bolts ..etc that are showing signs of damage. Stairs are another big issue with re-covers because generally speaking they are the first part of the deck that fails. Usually due to improper construction practices. So we usually replace the stairs on most projects.

Every deck we build has a three year workmanship warranty !

We use all hidden fasteners on our synthetic decks. We use screws and nails on our deck frames. All wood decking is attached with screws. Our wood decks come with Deckorators classic aluminum balusters.

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